Phased Releases

As part of our coming support for easier and more powerful Multi-Race bundles, we are in the process of refactoring (re-writing) a lot of our core registration code. We will begin releasing some of that this coming week, and June should see full support for Multi-Race bundles.

But the purpose of this blog is not to talk about that, it is to talk about some infrastructure that we have built that allows us to roll out new releases in a phased approach. We will be using this technology to help us roll out this major change incrementally this week. Since it is brand new code that is pretty central to the registration process, we will basically have a dial to gradually increase the % of transactions that go thru the new process vs. the old process. This allows us to not only do internal testing, but also roll the new functionality out to a small set of real users and make sure that all is well. As we gain confidence in this working well, we can gradually turn the dial and monitor for errors and issues.

While RunSignUp offers a lot of features that race directors, timers and participants use, there is a lot of infrastructure below the surface making sure things run smoothly. Which is one of the hidden reasons why RunSignUp has become the leading race management platform in the US.

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