Race Directors HQ Deep Dive into RaceJoy

Race Directors HQ took a Deep Dive into RaceJoy, and we are pleased to share their coverage. Race Directors HQ is a resource for race organizers to find out about the various tools and services they can use to help propel their business. Some excerpts  from their piece…

Using GPS is a key differentiator between RaceJoy and most other race day apps that use participants’ timing chips to track their position around the course. And it is a game-changer in two very important ways:

  1. Using GPS means a participant’s exact position is known in real time at any given moment. Chip tracking only records the position of participants at fixed intermediate timing points around the course and cannot know if a participant is on or off the course, has slowed down or has stopped.
  2. Using GPS means you can essentially connect spectators to the race as well. That is simply not possible with apps that can only track participant chips.

RaceJoy is a world-leading GPS app that promises to revolutionize the way participants and spectators experience and share in race day.

Our Verdict

So is RaceJoy worth it?

We think it is. Even for a $25 race RaceJoy works out to less than 2% of the registration price, and for most races this number will easily drop to below 1%.

For that you get live GPS tracking without the need for additional costly intermediate timing stations, full race day comms with your entire event team, direct messaging with participants, activation your sponsors will love and get to set your race apart from the competition.

That’s a lot for less than $0.50.

Read more from RDHQ’s Deep Dive here. 


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