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Top News: What IS a CRM for Races?

The hottest ticket at our 2018 RunSignUp Symposium was the session on the RunSignUp CRM, and yet, many in the endurance industry don’t really understand the term or how it can impact their business. We dedicated some blog real estate to answer the essential CRM questions:

What is CRM for Races?
Why a Race CRM?
What is RunSignUp’s CRM Offering?
What is RunSignUp’s CRM Vision?

The basics: A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform uses data analysis and technology to help a company improve their relationship with customers. There are many commercial CRM’s available, but we believe that races are different from other businesses. The sheer number of customer interactions required by a race makes it invaluable to have your data in a CRM that tracks the information and also initiates action.


Best of the Blog: Race Director Resources

Untitled design (77)

Shopify Integration

Shopify is now integrated with RunSignUp, meaning races can sell items from their Shopify stores directly in the registration path. Once a director authorizes their RunSignUp account to communicate with their Shopify account the integration will automatically create Add-Ons in RunSignUp based on the items in the Shopify Store.


Untitled design (78)RunSignUp and ROAD iD

We have an exciting new initiative with ROAD iD that allows RunSignUp participants to acquire a custom ROAD iD as a part of the RunSignUp registration for $10 less than retail. The program is a value-add for races, with additional incentives provided directly to the events that elect to enable it. Directors can opt-in on their race dashboard in August!

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Untitled design (79)RaceInsure Event Cancellation Insurance

We are working with RaceInsure to offer customers low-cost race cancellation insurance to protect against factors that cannot be controlled – a fire on the route, dangerous weather, etc. RaceInsure  is available immediately!


Untitled design (80)Fundraising, Donations & Charities at Event Level

Charity support is an integral part of many races, leading to complex setups for charity partners and fundraising. Complicated fundraising events can now control their fundraising, donations, and charities on a per-event basis.


More July Blog Updates

Re-Live It: RunSignUp Symposium!

Untitled design (81)Catch Up on All the News

Our sold-out 2018 Symposium wrapped up mid-month, but the learning never ends. We are busy converting slide presentations and session videos into shareable content for a second review or first look. Available now:

More Symposium videos will be posted as available. View them here.


Relay Ready: RaceJoy Updates

Untitled design (87)Complete Control Over App Sounds

If you’re a runner using RaceJoy, a significant part of your experience is dependent on sound: audio cheers from family & friends, live progress updates, race news, NearMe alerts, and more. RaceJoy released an update that enables users to fine-tune the audio experience of the race their RaceJoy experience by adjusting their sound settings.


Untitled design (86)Relay Enhancements

If you have a relay event, you need RaceJoy. The latest version has many enhancements for tracking relay teams, with key improvements that include the option for manual check-ins, new login screens, team performance monitoring, and additional user controls. Relay teams have unique needs; RaceJoy provides a unique solution – especially for long relay and trail running events.

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RunSignUp News

RunSignUp Awards 2018 Community Grant

Untitled design (83)We received an overwhelming 162 applications to our 2018 Community Grant, an annual financial contribution awarded to nonprofit organizations that support the endurance industry. Our Customer Advisory Board chose the final awardees – congratulations to: Band of RunnersReason to RunRunning for Those Who Can’tRunnin’ for Rhett, and Catapult.


Untitled design (86)Vantiv Transaction Problems

One of our payment providers, Vantiv, had a full outage on Saturday 7/21 from 6:48am-7:52am, impacting races that use that backend payment processing. People attempting to register during that time saw an error message and hopefully returned later in the day. This is the first outage RunSignUp has had since a planned outage on 10/27/15.


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