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This blog covers the new CRM capabilities RunSignUp is rolling out in addition to all of the tools and functionality we have today to enable races to manage and grow their races by leveraging the complete lifecycle tools we offer.

RunSignUp CRM can be summed up in these high level functions (the ✔ means the capability is complete as of July, 2018):Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 1.20.42 PM

  • CRM Profile ✔
  • CRM Search ✔
  • CRM Notes ✔
  • CRM Lists (Partial)
  • CRM Promotions (Partial)
  • CRM Analytics
  • CRM Automation


CRM Search and Profile
(and Participant Management!)

We have a new single view of a participant that shows history across races that you have access to. This is available either from the new CRM Search menu, or from one of the links in the search bar at the top of your Race Dashboard.


This view has a number of powerful features:

  • Cross race totals in a single view. This lets you know if this is a long time customer at a glance when doing support if they email or call.
  • Easy access to details on anything – specific races (other than the race you are on), Referrals, Fundraising, and Donations.
  • Easy access to Manage Registration with full participant management capability with one click.


CRM Notes

Large race organizations will appreciate the ability to make notes on any participant interactions that others will be able to see so that your race organization can maintain consistency when working with a customer to resolve an issue.


CRM Lists

We have started rolling out the ability to create CRM Lists. These are lists of a certain target. We have some initial filters, but these will expand rapidly.

The basic idea is that you select the race or races you want to include, and then select a set of filters that will narrow your selection. In this example, I am looking for people who have been to my race at least 3 times and are within 50 miles of the town where the race is. This might be a good target for a training group or training group leaders for example.

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 1.32.49 PM.png

This resulted in 490 people in my race:

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 1.33.33 PM

The main purpose of a list it to take some action on it, typically for a promotion. For example, you will be able to send a coupon email to a set of lists – including some and excluding others. For example you might not want to send to people who already signed up.

There are other things you will be able to do with Lists over time:

  • Export as spreadsheet
  • Sync to MailChimp (initially statically, and then dynamically like we do with new participant syncing to MailChimp)
  • Create Facebook Custom Audience (and eventually initiate a Facebook Ad campaign)
  • Loyalty Program
  • Reserved Entries
  • Birthday greetings
  • PR Congratulations Emails

Here is a partial list of the types of searches you will be able to do over time to give you a feel for the power of the CRM:

  • People who used Coupons
  • Fundraisers
  • Donors
  • Group/Team
  • Corporate Team
  • Zip Code Radius
  • State
  • Top
    • # Races run (Loyalty)
    • $ Transactions
    • $ Donations
    • $ Fundraised
    • # Referrals
  • Custom Questions
  • Incomplete Registrations
  • Referrers, Top Referrers
  • Referrals
  • Linked Registrations (Family)
  • Results Performance Level
  • Participants
    • By Year
    • By Event
  • Email Lists
  • Volunteers (by # events)
  • Clubs
  • Upload CSV

There are more, but you can see the idea that this can be very powerful and different than participant reports.

CRM Promotions

We have also released our initial CRM Promotion. It is a simple Coupon (or use a more complex coupon from our coupon system) creation that gets sent to a combination of Existing and Past Participants and CRM Lists (remember you can Include or Exclude lists, which adds a lot of power). We then create a nice simple, race-branded email with a call to action (lots of races forget that!) that gets sent out (for free with our email marketing system).

Create the coupon:


Pick the Lists:


Send the Email:


There will be a lot more coming with CRM Promotions. Including multi-channel, which would enable sending the email, and also creating an automatic banner that appears (and disappears when the coupon expires) on your race website. Also creation of Facebook Custom Audience files that can be used for effective advertising campaigns.

And here are some of the Promotions you will be able to create in the future:

  • Email List
  • Create Offer
    • Time & $
    • Coupon
    • Limited Time Registration
  • Facebook Custom Audience
  • Registration Window
    • Like Loyalty Program
  • Reserved Entry
  • Race Page Automation
    • Display Promotion with banner ads – like Valentine Day 2 for 1 signup
    • Recognize runners  with badges for things like # of times raced
  • Email Race Director when person registers/donates

CRM Analytics

We will be connecting our powerful RaceInsights to CRM Promotions. This will enable you to automatically monitor the engagement, success and return of your various campaigns. Since RaceInsights is built for races, it tracks the data races and charities care about, and is easy to use.

CRM Automation

There are two areas of automation we will be bringing to the RunSignUp CRM system. First, we want to make it simple to automate common tasks around promotion. Much like our automated emails for registration drop-outs or price increases, we want to tie the power of lists to appropriate promotions. Second, we want to offer a set of personal interactions the race can have with individual participants. For example, birthday greetings or PR congratulations.


If you have been watching, we are rolling this functionality out very quickly (since much of the functionality already exists in different areas of the system). This blog is being written right before the 2018 RunSignUp Symposium in mid July, 2018. We will incrementally roll out all of the functionality mentioned above over the course of the next year. You will see significant functionality on a monthly basis at least. So the 2019 Symposium should be fun to talk about what comes next!

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