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Why a Race CRM?

One of the original concepts of RunSignUp was that we would have a single place where your race could interact with participants and make that easy for race directors to manage their participants and grow their races. In essence, all of RunSignUp is a CRM.

We are embarking on implementing a new CRM that puts an easy to use layer on all of the powerful functionality of RunSignUp. Our vision is to make this high level diagram come alive for races.

CRM High Level

The CRM Vision is available for races to implement today. RunSignUp will be bringing more ease of use, automation and power to the vast array of tools we have in place today for your race.

Race Lifecycle CRM Data

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 11.05.57 AM

RunSignUp’s focus on the complete lifecycle of the race – from Promotion to Registration to Participant Management to Fundraising to Race Day – provides races with all of the fundamental data that is needed to maximize the actions they can take with the CRM. It all lives in one place. No need to switch from one system to another between promotional tasks, or understanding a customer and providing great customer service.

The RunSignUp CRM Data provides a way to let races really “know” their customers – when did they sign up, did they use a coupon, how many times have they run your race, did they donate, did they set a PR, when is their birthday and will they hit a new age group, photos and video of them over several years, what teams have they been a part of, who have they been referred by and who has referred them?

And since RunSignUp offers free races services for Results, Photos, Volunteers, Sponsors, Charity Partners, and Clubs the CRM can be a common hub of data across all of your race supporters.

CRM Participant Management

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 11.05.12 AM

One of the hallmarks of RunSignUp is the participant self service we provide for races. Races have reported saving 50-80% of their customer service time by implementing our self-service features. And this makes a lot of customers happy to take care of things themselves online.

But you will always have customer service for some people. This core strength participant management is where we started our CRM implementation with the ability to search for participants and view their entire history with your race (or across all races that you manage). This gives you a “quick view” of the lifetime value of your customer:


From our dashboard, we want to make it simple for a quick view of the highlights like # of events or referrals or donations, but the ability to drill down into any segment for further detail on information like fundraisers or profile information.

We also want to make it simple to manage a registration and make changes simple, quick and easy.

We also want to enable communications with the ability to take notes on customer interactions – either to share with others on your team, or to remember for next year.

Finally, since we also have data on volunteers, sponsors, charities partners, and clubs we are able to offer races a CRM for all of your constituencies.


Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 11.05.23 AM

This is another area RunSignUp has spent a lot of effort on implementing over the years with free and powerful Race Websites, integrated Email Marketing, Referral Rewards, Swag Rewards, Tons of pricing and coupon options, Loyalty Programs, Social Teams and Groups, Corporate Teams, Facebook Sharing, Facebook Custom Audiences, and more. And we have implemented RaceInsights to give you the the analytics to evaluate if your promotions are working.

RunSignUp CRM is going to be making it simpler (and more automated) to implement these tools and target specific people at specific times. How about automatically sending an email to remind a past participant on the day they signed up last year? Or maybe a birthday coupon. Or asking them to engage by asking if they are hoping for a PR that beats last year’s time? This type of engagement will provide a basis for a tighter bond between your race and your participants. It will help your race stand out and gain more viral marketing in attracting new participants, while increasing loyalty of past participants and donors.

CRM Engagement

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 11.05.35 AM

Again, RunSignUp has built an impressive array of tools to engage your various race community partners. We offer races free Volunteer and Sponsor management, as well as tightly integrated donations and fundraising. In addition, we make it simple to engage with the hundreds of clubs that use the RunSignUp Club system to expand your community. Integrations with Strava offer ways to engage participants in the training cycle, not just race day.

CRM is bringing easier ways of targeting and personalizing your race message to these various communities.


CRM is the next generation of RunSignUp, offering that “Goldilocks” aspiration of making your race management lifecycle easier to manage and give you more power and control.

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