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Guest Blog by Ann Conway, CEO of Bird.

Bird has built an integration with RunSignup so participants can join a training program during race registration.

There are a million running apps and training plans out there, but we know that runners aren’t looking for more data, they need motivation, accountability and support when training for a goal.

Bird is a simple coaching platform for the millions of everyday runners who need help getting to their goals. We partner with races to design branded, coached training programs that engage runners for months, add value for race participants, differentiate the race and bring in more revenue.

Why train with Bird?

Runners who register for a goal race are often lost on how to train, and many beginners use generic resources and struggle on their own with setbacks. Bird brings runners like these coaching – which until now was out of reach.

Bird runners get more than just a training plan, they get help from a coach (not a bot) who can help solve problems and customize training, and motivation from a team of other runners training for their race.

We’re different from other coaching platforms – there’s less data and more communication. It’s fun, easy, and makes you feel good about your goal ( just like running should be).

What do runners get in a Bird program?

  • Customizable training: 
    • No more generic pdfs! Runners can choose from ability-based training plans for their event. Participants follow their training in the Bird app, where they can modify their schedule, track workouts with a Strava or Garmin account, and ask for modifications from their coach. 
  • One on one coaching
    • Runners have a dedicated running coach who proactively texts them twice a week with context and advice, and is on call for questions throughout training.
  • Live workshops
    • Runners can join live Coach workshops on everything from hydration to how to make long runs more fun. 
  • Community Motivation
    • Runners join chat groups in the Bird app to connect with other runners, ask training questions, and stay accountable to each other. This is a great place for races and sponsors to engage the group. 

How can my race offer training?

Bird integrates with RunSignup so participants can join a training program during race registration. The Bird team can create a branded program for your event, and Race Directors can create an add-on product for training on the race website for seamless runner onboarding.

We’d love to talk about your race and the kind of training your runners need. Please set up a time to talk with us below, or email us at Thanks!

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