RaceJoy’s Latest Release Provides Complete Control Over App Sounds

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A significant part of what RaceJoy offers participants on race day involves the use of sound to add to the race day experience – from audio cheers sent by family and friends to live progress updates with information like pace and estimated finish time, competitor progress alerts, race news alerts, NearMe alerts and more.

This latest release of RaceJoy enables users to easily fine tune their individual RaceJoy experience by adjusting their sound settings for various race day features that create sound.

As the participant completes his or her profile they will now be presented with this screen that includes an Audio Settings button:


Participants can then turn on or off various notifications and alerts from this screen below.  They can also select the Silent Mode to have all audio functions turned off with a single click. These settings can be adjusted at any time by going to the Progress Alerts Setup area or the More area and then Settings.


The first setting option is Progress Alerts notifications where participants are notified when participants they are tracking reach milestones on the course (typically at every mile). If the participant is tracking other participants, he/she will receive a brief “wahoo” sound at each milestone and this is accompanied by a popup message that includes performance data. Turning off the audio here would simply turn off the “wahoo” alert portion. The performance data still is sent and can be reviewed at any time.

The second setting is Split Alerts where RaceJoy delivers the participant’s personal performance data in audio format at milestones along the course (typically at every mile). These include their location, current time, pace and estimated finish time. For relay legs this includes leg elapsed time and leg estimated completion time. Many participants already use a training app or a watch to track their pace and may want to use RaceJoy simply to share their position on the course and receive cheers. This release makes it easier to turn off these personal audio split alerts. Turning this off just turns off the audio component of the progress alerts. Spectators still receive progress updates for the participant and participants can still review their split history in RaceJoy at any time.

Here’s a sample of a split alert:

The Cheers setting involves the ability to receive live audio messages from family and friends during the race. These can include pre-recorded sound files, music clips or custom text-to-cheer messages sent by supporting spectators. In addition, some races will arrange to have sound files play at certain points along the course to add to the race experience. As with with the Split Alerts, turning this off only impacts the ability to hear the cheers and RaceJoy still delivers the cheers to the participant’s profile. Participants can replay any received cheers by going to the Buzz area of the app.

Here’s a sample cheer:

Participants also have the option to turn off the notification sound alert for Race News and RaceJoy News. These alerts include a brief “wahoo” sound that are sent with an in-app pop up message. Race news alerts are sent from the race or from RaceJoy and include key race day information, special tips on how to use RaceJoy, and any urgent communication that may be needed. News can always be accessed by going to the Buzz area of RaceJoy.

Here’s the sound that accompanies the Race News alerts:

The last sound setting option is NearMe Alerts. The user receives a cowbell alert sound letting them know that a tracked participant is drawing near along with a popup message like the one shown here:


The cowbell alert that accompanies the NearMe alerts sounds like this:

This new screen includes a Silent Mode option that provides a quick way to turn off all sounds. This does not interfere with tracking, and all the progress alerts, cheers and race news are stored in the Buzz area of RaceJoy to review after the race.

The place to go to review race day activity!

We hope you enjoy this latest RaceJoy improvement!

Download the latest version of RaceJoy before your next event and experience race day in a whole new way!


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