Presentation Slides from the 2018 RunSignUp Symposium

For reference, we have published the slides from several of the presentations from the 2018 RunSignUp Symposium. We’ll add to this resource as we get more – thanks to all our fabulous presenters!

RunSignUp Keynote, Bob Bickel (RunSignUp)


Branding and Creative Event Activations, Ryan Callahan (Runhouse)


Advantages & Challenges of Youth Events, Gary Kutscher (OC Marathon)


Race Director Business Session, Mark Harris (Adventure Enablers)


Expanding the Race Series, Brad McCleary (Bodies Race Franchise)


Creating a Facebook Ad, Andy Reilly (Eventgrow):


Marketing 101, Matt Sinclair (RunSignUp)


RunSignUp CRM, Jeff Kohart & Meredith Klein (RunSignUp)


RaceDay Events: The Basics, Val Loften & Kevin Lai (RunSignUp)


Advanced Fundraising, Natallie Young & Eric Cone (RunSignUp)

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