Happy Turkey Day 2019!

We’re so thankful for all the race directors, timers, and nonprofits who used our technology this Thanksgiving for the biggest running day of the year. A simple Google search gives you pages and pages of Turkey Trots in cities and towns throughout the country – all proclaiming record breaking attendance. We like Turkey Trots so […]

Sales Tax Exemptions for Government and Educational Entities

We have deployed an enhancement to our Exemption capabilities in our Sales Tax system. This allows for Federal, State and Local government entities as well as educational entities like schools, colleges and universities to claim exemption status for sales tax purposes. Remember, not all states have the same rules for each nonprofit entity type. nor […]

Rich Text Editor Option for Website Cover pages

We have released another extension to our Cover page components for RunSignup Race Websites, as well as GiveSignup Nonprofit Ticket Websites and Donation Websites. This gives you the flexibility to add richer text, as well as your own images. Here are some example sections from cover pages built with the rich text editor: As with […]

Meet Your Sponsor Expert at the 2020 Winter Symposium

We’re excited to announce that Jeff Fitch will be joining us for the 2020 Winter Symposium for a premiere session on recruiting sponsors and keeping them happy. Jeff combines experience with sponsors in the endurance industry with an impressive, large-scale background in sales for the PGA TOUR. In other words, he has a lifetime of […]

RunSignup Sales Tax Rollout Schedule by State

We have completed the sales tax system roll out to 15 states. We plan to roll out the rest on Monday, December 2, 2019. We will do 4 waves of states according to the list below. Note, this may change depending on unexpected issues that may arise. We will communicate changes via this blog post […]

RunSignup Sales Tax System Live in South Carolina

Our Sales Tax System is live in South Carolina. The State of South Carolina is our second Marketplace state, where RunSignup is assuming responsibility for collecting, reporting and remitting sales tax to the state, easing the burden on races. This went live automatically today, November 19, 2019. RunSignup will turn off our legacy sales tax system […]

RunSignup Signs Contract for the Web

Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the Internet, announced the Contract for the Web today. RunSignup has endorsed the contract and pledges to live up to the ideals of a better web. Much of the founding principles of RunSignup came from Open Source principles that are essentially the same as what Tim outlines. We felt […]

Sales Tax FAQ for Event Organizers

Do I need to provide a Seller ID or TaxID for RunSignup’s sales tax system? No. RunSignup files one consolidated sales tax return in Marketplace States using our TaxID. In nonMarketplace states, there is no need for RunSignup to ask for your SellerID since you are responsible for filing. Does the sales tax come out of […]

RaceDay Timer Newsletter: November

RaceDay Certified Timer Spotlight: Tony Sapp Tony Sapp, a RaceDay Certified Timer and owner of Negative Split Productions, shares valuable insights on ways timers can create a competitive advantage by utilizing RunSignup’s RaceDay Suite. Tony owns and operates worldwide events that specialize in extreme format courses. He has identified ways to gain operational efficiencies while preserving unique and […]

Sales Tax FAQ for Participants

Why is there a sales tax on my checkout page? The event or club you are signing up for collects tax according to state rules. Different jurisdictions have different tax rules that apply different rates depending on location, nonprofit status, race fees, ticket fees, add-on purchases and processing fees. I only made a donation. Why […]

RaceDay Certified Timer Spotlight: Tony Sapp

Tony Sapp, owner of Negative Split Productions, shares his views on RunSignup’s RaceDay technology suite of products. Watch this video to hear his valuable insights on ways timers can create a competitive advantage through RunSignup’s RaceDay Suite. Negative Split Productions owns and operates worldwide events, specializing in extreme format courses, such as Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon, […]

Fundraising Page UX Updates: Phase 3

We have released exciting enhancements to our fundraising platform. These new features showcase the fundraiser and provide the tools to tell their story. To see the changes that have come before, check out Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the fundraising page makeover. Improved fundraiser page layout and flow The new fundraiser page now boasts […]

What Happened to Crowdrise?

Many nonprofits, their run/walk/ride partners, individual fundraisers and their donors are being surprised to see Crowdrise.com redirected to an entirely new website – https://charity.gofundme.com/. It is a bit confusing since GoFundMe made no real mention of the Crowdrise brand shut-down and redirect in their press release on October 15, or anywhere on their site. GoFundMe […]

All-In-One Charity Bib Fundraising Platform

A growing number of nonprofits are using RunSignup/GiveSignup for charity bib fundraising. They are choosing RunSignup/GiveSignup as their all-in-one fundraising solution to raise more and save time for several reasons: Easy-to-use all-in-one platform for nonprofits and fundraisers Free platform with a flat 4% processing fee on all donations that donors can opt to pay Free […]

RaceJoy Map Building Basics

If you are a RaceDay Certified Timer or thinking about becoming one, this recorded webinar will provide you with a basic understanding of building maps in RaceJoy. Map Building Steps: Enable Events  Load Course Route(s) Generate Markers Set Up Timing Configuration Table Adjust for any Out and Back Proximity Issues Certify Maps Once you certify […]

Understanding Sales Tax Reports for Marketplace States

Let’s start with the good news! If you are in one of nearly 40 Marketplace States (see our taxability matrix), you don’t really have to understand the sales tax reports! That is because RunSignup has the obligation to calculate, collect, report and remit sales tax for all events and clubs in Marketplace States (although you […]

Ticket Event Questions

You can now collect additional information from your ticket purchasers and/or ticket holders with flexible Ticket Event Questions. To add questions for your attendees to answer when they buy tickets, navigate to Event >> Questions from your Ticket Event Dashboard. Click the orange Create a Question button to start adding questions. How to Create Questions […]

RunSignup Sales Tax System goes live for Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Washington

We will roll out our new sales tax system to be available in 5 new states later today, Nov. 19, 2019. Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, and North Carolina are all currently non-Marketplace states. This means that races have the option to turn on the sales tax system to calculate and collect sales tax and pay the […]

Bellin Run: A Case Study

Promoting health and wellness through running About the Bellin Run The Bellin Run is a 10K held on the second Saturday of June each year. Starting in 1972, the race aimed to promote cardiovascular fitness following an addition to the Bellin Hospital. After receiving an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and hosting over 800 runners, […]

Partner Introduction: Leslie Jordan, Inc

We have a handful of partners for our upcoming Winter Symposium. Since we’re working with vendors that we know and trust (they all work with customers of ours!), we want to introduce you to each of them in advance of the event! Meet: Leslie Jordan, Inc Who can we meet at the 2020 Winter Symposium?The […]

Networking at the RunSignup Winter Symposium

While we’d love to think that people flock to our Symposiums for the pure educational value, we know there’s another reason that our customers and industry partners seek out conferences: networking. With registration over half full for our inaugural 2020 Winter Symposium, we thought we’d take a moment to share a little bit about who […]

Sunsetting Legacy Sales Tax System

With the release of the new Sales Tax system, RunSignup is sunsetting the Legacy Sales Tax System. See our Sales Tax Matrix for more information on each state to determine if your race is in a Marketplace state or non-Marketplace state. The Legacy sales tax system will be completely sunset on Dec. 21, 2019. Reports […]

GiveSignup November Newsletter

Introducing Cover Pages for Ticket Events With GiveSignup’s free ticket event websites, any nonprofit can create real websites for all of their ticket events with a custom domain or subdomain, built-in security, mobile responsiveness, SEO optimization, and integrated event information. Cover pages take branding to the next level, with an easy point-and-click builder that allows a nonprofit to create unique […]

Ticket Event Cover Pages

With GiveSignup’s ticket event websites, any nonprofit can create a real website for their ticket event(s) with a custom domain or subdomain, built-in security, mobile responsiveness, SEO optimization, and integrated event information. Cover pages take branding to the next level, with an easy point-and-click builder that allows a nonprofit to build a unique landing page […]

Sales Tax Setup for Marketplace States

By early December, RunSignup will begin collecting, reporting and remitting sales tax on behalf of all events in Marketplace state. You can see if your event is in a Marketplace State on our RunSignup Public Taxability Matrix. There are several good resources for you to refer to for more information: Sales Tax Policies Taxability Matrix Detailed Implementation Sales […]

Sales Tax for non-Marketplace States

You can see if your event is in a non-Marketplace State on our RunSignup Public Taxability Matrix. Unlike Marketplace States, each event can choose to enable our Sales Tax System. Please see our blog on how to enable your event in our Dashboard. As of January 1, 2020 there will be 37 Marketplace states plus […]

Sales Tax Collection, Reporting and Payment in Marketplace States

You can see if your event is in a Marketplace State on our RunSignup Public Taxability Matrix. These are states that have passed a Marketplace Facilitator laws which compel platforms that facilitate sales for third party sellers (like RunSignup) to collect and remit sales tax on behalf of their sellers. By January 1, 2020 there […]

Sales Tax Exemptions for NonProfits

Many states offer nonprofits a sales tax exemption on event fees and sometimes merchandise sales. (Note: selling is different than a buyers exemption). The RunSignup sales tax system makes it simple for nonprofits to comply with the complex labyrinth of collecting sales tax appropriately. If you are a nonprofit who believes you have an exempt […]

Sales Tax goes live for Florida, Michigan, Tennessee, Kansas and Missouri

We went live today (November 12, 2019) with optional sales tax in Florida, Michigan, Tennessee, Kansas and Missouri. These are all non-Marketplace states – see here for an overview of the difference from Marketplace states. We will be rolling out all states by early December. There are several good resources for you to refer to […]

Shipping Feature Enhancements

We have released three enhancements to our shipping feature. Collect Shipping Information for certain ADD-ON OPTIONS only: You can now choose to ask for Shipping Address for specific add-ons options You can enable this feature under Race>>Registration>>Shipping In the example below, the shipping address will only be asked if someone chooses to have their bib […]

Guest Blog: Helping Events Secure Sponsorships with BibBoards

This post on using BibBoards as an alternative for sponsor exposure is from Brian Goodell of BibBoards. Being a race director isn’t all fun and games – things go wrong, volunteers don’t show up, runners get injured, and venues fall short of expectations. Despite these, and many other problems, race directors are expected to pump […]

Partner Introduction: Ashworth Awards

We have a handful of partners for our upcoming Winter Symposium. Since we’re working with vendors that we know and trust (they all work with customers of ours!), we want to introduce you to each of them in advance of the event! Up first: Ashworth Awards Who can we meet at the 2020 Winter Symposium?Dan […]

Add Multiple Dedication Settings

You can now add multiple dedication settings to your race’s donation page. This gives donors more flexibility for how they can dedicate their donation when they donate to your cause. To add multiple dedication settings, navigate to Donations/Fundraising >> Setup >> Basic Setup on your Race Dashboard. Scroll to the bottom of the page and […]

RaceDay Scoring Software Update

Did you miss the recent RaceDay Scoring software update for the month of October provided by Matt Avery? No worries, you can watch the recorded webinar here: The RaceDay team developers are churning out improvements. Some of October’s changes include the following feature updates. Feature Updates Added shut down confirmation dialogWe have had reports of […]

RunSignup October Timer Newsletter

Become a RaceDay Certified Timer Want to be RaceDay Certified so you can offer RaceJoy and get hands-on RaceDay Scoring product training? Already certified and ready for advanced training and an update on the RaceDay Suite of products? Join us at RunSignup’s Winter Symposium this coming January in Orlando, Florida.  Invite your race directors! This is an opportunity […]

Healthy Kids Running Series: A Case Study

Motivating kids to lead a healthy and active lifestyle About Healthy Kids Running Series Healthy Kids Running Series (HKRS) was founded by Jeff Long, President and Founder of Pattison Sports Group. The nonprofit aims to combat childhood obesity by introducing children to the world of running. Open to kids aged 2-14, HKRS provides their runners […]