RaceDay Timer Newsletter: November

RaceDay Certified Timer Spotlight: Tony Sapp

Tony Sapp, a RaceDay Certified Timer and owner of Negative Split Productions, shares valuable insights on ways timers can create a competitive advantage by utilizing RunSignup’s RaceDay Suite. Tony owns and operates worldwide events that specialize in extreme format courses. He has identified ways to gain operational efficiencies while preserving unique and high quality participant experiences. Check it out!

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Become a RaceDay Certified or Advanced Certified Timer

Want to be RaceDay Certified so you can offer RaceJoy and get hands-on RaceDay Scoring product training? Already certified and ready for advanced training and an update on the RaceDay Suite of products? Join us at RunSignup’s Winter Symposium January 13 and 14 in Orlando, Florida. Space is limited so that we can provide one-on-one assistance. 

Invite your race directors! This is an opportunity to show the extra value you bring to your races. Invite your race directors to join you so they can understand more about the many advantages they have through your services and through RunSignup’s platform. 

NEW: Timer Market Survey!

Timers Only!

You are invited to take part in the industry’s first timer market research survey! We will share our findings to help timers become more competitive and will use your insights towards our product planning. We appreciate your taking the time to participate.

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RaceDay Scoring V2.0
is Coming Soon!

Thursday, December 12 at 2pm ET

Join us for this live webinar where we will officially launch Version 2.0 of RaceDay Scoring! Some key new features include:

  • Aggregate Team Scoring
  • Corral and Wave Start
  • New Reporting Capabilities
  • And More!

The Future is Now!

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 Map Building Basics

Recorded Webinar

Watch this recorded webinar to get a refresher or initial training on building maps in RaceJoy. This is ideal for RaceDay Certified Timers. If you are not certified yet, the next certification takes place at RunSignup’s Winter Symposium. 

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Make the Transition to RaceDay Scoring with Roger Bradshaw

Thursday, December 19 at 2pm ET

Roger Bradshaw will walk through the steps The Race Director timers take to re-score and transition to RaceDay Scoring. This is also ideal for RunScore timers who are changing to RaceDay Scoring. Join us for this live Webinar and get your questions answered.  

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RaceDay Resources

Helpful Videos and Documents

>>>RaceJoy Help

Visit RaceJoy’s Certified Timer webpage for how-to information and get resources you can send to races.  

How to Get Started and Transition

>>>RaceDay Scoring Help

Find out more about how to use RunSignup’s new RaceDay Scoring Solution. The Future is Now!

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