What Happened to Crowdrise?

Many nonprofits, their run/walk/ride partners, individual fundraisers and their donors are being surprised to see Crowdrise.com redirected to an entirely new website – https://charity.gofundme.com/.

It is a bit confusing since GoFundMe made no real mention of the Crowdrise brand shut-down and redirect in their press release on October 15, or anywhere on their site. GoFundMe acquired Crowdrise in 2017, and there has been work to integrate the platforms over the past two years.

While Crowdrise was designed for nonprofits, GoFundMe has been designed from the start as a platform for individual fundraising for many purposes. The change is causing some concerns for nonprofits.

“Nonprofits should be cautious when using this type of fundraising platform. For one, mission-based fundraising is not about chasing as many donors or dollars as quickly and easily as possible. It’s about connecting the joy of philanthropy to causes making a difference. Platforms like GoFundMe Charity are beholden to the users and their giving whims. GoFundMe’s culture, while somewhat diverse, is still whimsical and dependent on each individual’s preferences. While still a potentially useful tool, there are several others out there.

Non Profit Quarterly – October 18, 2019

The new changes will make many nonprofits look for alternatives for a number of reasons:

  • Lack of control of your brand
  • Lack of control of your fundraisers
  • High fees paid by your donors
  • Confusion with new dashboard and fundraising pages
  • Lack of control of your payments
  • Lack of real time financial dashboard and ability to reconcile
  • Lack of Facebook Fundraiser Integration
  • Insufficient registration and ticketing capabilities for run/walk/rides
  • Insufficient and difficult reports

An All-In-One Run/WalkRide Peer to Peer Fundraising Solution

A growing number of nonprofits are using RunSignup and GiveSignup for their fundraising run/walk/rides, ticket events, and charity bib fundraising. They are choosing RunSignup and GiveSignup as their all-in-one fundraising solution to raise more and save time for several reasons:

In particular, the registration and promotion capabilities of RunSignup has made it the number one provider of technology in that market. In 2019, over 21,000 runs, walks or rides supporting more than 8,000 nonprofits used RunSignup to register more than 6 million participants. They love the free platform, the amount of control they have over the registration process, pricing, and promotional tools like free website with SSL, free email marketing and referral rewards. The finance department loves it because of full, real-time always reconciled finances, easy reporting, and fast payments that they control.

What has really made over 8,000 nonprofits move to RunSignup and GiveSignup over the past few years is the rise of our fundraising and donation capabilities. Customers report having higher fundraising and simpler management with an all-in-one platform. In addition, the Facebook Fundraising integration is making it easier for fundraisers to reach their friends and family and meet their fundraising goals.

We don’t charge any monthly or yearly subscription fees – all of our services are free. We make our money by doing credit card processing incredibly efficiently. Your donors only pay a 4% flat fee on any size donation, including credit card processing). You can offer donors the choice of paying the fee, and combined with the zero cost of Facebook Fundraising, our customers are seeing net costs of 0.4%. That means your nonprofit can collect nearly 99.6% of donations.

Try it out yourself. Set up a draft Run/WalkRide or Ticket Event for your nonprofit event. Or schedule a demo to see how moving from Crowdrise can benefit your nonprofit.

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