RaceJoy Map Building Basics

If you are a RaceDay Certified Timer or thinking about becoming one, this recorded webinar will provide you with a basic understanding of building maps in RaceJoy.

Map Building Steps:

  1. Enable Events 
  2. Load Course Route(s)
  3. Generate Markers
  4. Set Up Timing Configuration Table
  5. Adjust for any Out and Back Proximity Issues
  6. Certify Maps

Once you certify the maps, the event will automatically go live and appear in the RaceJoy app. You must certify all course routes loaded in order for the event to appear in the app.

Race Day Monitoring System

Did you know that you can monitor key staff like the lead and tail vehicle and volunteers using RaceJoy’s Race Day Monitoring system?

Make sure to watch the recording for additional information so you can get the most out of RaceJoy.


Map questions can be sent to kevin.lai@runsignup.com.

Want to Become RaceDay Certified or Advanced Certified?

Join us at RunSignup’s upcoming Winter Symposium in Orlando, Florida. Certification training is on January 14, 2020 and space is limited so that we can provide one-on-one assistance.

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