Partner Introduction: Ashworth Awards

We have a handful of partners for our upcoming Winter Symposium. Since we’re working with vendors that we know and trust (they all work with customers of ours!), we want to introduce you to each of them in advance of the event!

Up first: Ashworth Awards

Who can we meet at the 2020 Winter Symposium?
Dan Ashworth (President/CEO) and Luke Baiungo (Account Executive). Luke has been attending the RunSignup Summer Symposium for years, so if you need a veteran to ask about the experience , he’s your man! As you can tell from their photos above, Dan & Luke are very approachable…

What’s Ashworth all about?
Ashworth Awards is the leader in the endurance sports space in creating some of the most unique and cutting-edge medallions, lapel pins, awards, and merchandise items. We have a full in-house team to help you create lasting memories for your event and runners to keep them coming back year after year.

What’s the coolest work you’ve ever done for a race?
There are quite a few…it’s hard to choose! Here’s a few that are really cool:

Wisconsin Tri Series
Run the Year Spinner Medal
Amerithon Multi-Piece Medal
TGINR Blinking Medal

What’s the process like for a race that is interested in working with you?
The process is simple: our team loves to talk to race directors to get a feel of what they envision their awards/medals/products to look like. We ask a lot of questions (logos, etc.). From there we take the pictures and logos and submit them to our art team along with a write-up based on the conversation with our customers. Our art team then takes the notes and logos/pictures and creates a digital image. We then send the digital image to the client. When the client approves the digital image we will have a quantity quoted that meets their needs. Once the client agrees, we place the order into our online system for the client to approve, and we have the medals produced.

What do you like about working in the endurance industry?
We love what we do. Many of us are athletes and we enjoy putting ourselves as the finisher and look at the medal as something we would like to receive. We love creating something memorable for a finisher as the last item they will receive from the event. We want everyone that receives what we create to want to do that event once again, so we feel that our products are the last piece of promotion for the current event and the first piece of promotion for their next events.

If a race wants to setup a meeting with you, how do they contact you (at or outside the Winter Symposium)?
They can track us down and setup a meet and greet, send an email to or, or call the office at 1(800) 325-1917.

Thanks for partnering with us, Ashworth Awards! For more information about partnership opportunities for the 2020 RunSignup Winter Symposium, check out the event website and the partner options.

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