RunSignup Sales Tax System Live in South Carolina

Our Sales Tax System is live in South Carolina.

The State of South Carolina is our second Marketplace state, where RunSignup is assuming responsibility for collecting, reporting and remitting sales tax to the state, easing the burden on races. This went live automatically today, November 19, 2019. RunSignup will turn off our legacy sales tax system for races in the state of South Carolina. If you are using some other means to calculate taxes, you will need to stop that effective today since RunSignup will be handling that obligation.

Races in South Carolina will need to setup their sales tax parameters like exemptions and item codes appropriately. If your payment account is a nonprofit, we will automatically apply the appropriate exemption at this time; however, you will need to claim the exemption under Financial -> Sales Tax V2 -> Sales Tax Setup before December 15, 2019 to maintain exempt status.

Visit our website for more information about sales tax and the current Taxability Matrix:

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