Bellin Run: A Case Study

Promoting health and wellness through running

About the Bellin Run

The Bellin Run is a 10K held on the second Saturday of June each year. Starting in 1972, the race aimed to promote cardiovascular fitness following an addition to the Bellin Hospital. After receiving an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and hosting over 800 runners, Bellin brought the race back the following year and has grown from 800 runners per year to over 12,000. Bellin now aims to promote health and wellness through their annual 10k and hosts an additional event, the Bellin Women’s Half Marathon. The Bellin Run has hosted several running greats in the past, from Meb Keflezighi to Joan Benoit Samuelson. 2020’s Bellin Run will take place on June 13th, 2019.

Bellin and RaceJoy

The Bellin Run uses RaceJoy to give spectators the opportunity to track their runners in real-time. Before discovering RaceJoy, Bellin used timing nets located at the halfway point. While this helped spectators track their friends and family during the race, it would only give users a general sense of where a runner was at a given point in time.

RaceJoy is a GPS-based app acquired by RunSignup in 2015. By creating a race map through the RaceJoy app, race directors give spectators the opportunity to track their friends and family along the course, down to the second. RaceJoy integrates with Twitter to send automatic updates through runners’ accounts. For spectators, RaceJoy lets them use send-acheer before, during, and after the race to send a push notification to runners.

One of biggest benefits of using RaceJoy with the Bellin Run is the ability for family members to track each other. With thousands of people running each year, it can be difficult for spectators to find their family. Tracking their family through the app helps make sure they are at the right part of the course when their family member runs by.They also utilize the send-a-cheer option to enhance the race day experience for their runners. To get started using RaceJoy for your race, visit your race dashboard and follow these steps: Dashboard >> RaceJoy >> Setup.

Managing Incomplete Registrations

One tool that the Bellin Run finds highly beneficial is the incomplete registration tool. When runners can’t find themselves in the system, the race director can go in through the backend and provide them with a quick answer. Many people often start registrations but never finish the registration process. It saves a lot of trouble and headaches on both ends.

In addition to checking registrations, The Bellin Run enables automated registration emails through RunSignup’s email marketing system. These emails are triggered when a participant leaves the registration page before completing the form, requiring very little effort on the race director’s part. To enable automated emails, go to Race Dashboard >> Email Marketing >> Automated Emails >> Incomplete Registrations.

Corporate Teams with RunSignup

Over half of Bellin’s participants register with a company. Bellin Health created a corporate teams option over 10 years ago, and managing their teams through RunSignup makes it even easier than before. Companies can set their team to cover employee registration, have employees pay, or split the cost. Additionally, employee participants can have friends and family join their team, with the company deciding who they will pay for.

RunSignup’s corporate teams settings also make it easy for race directors to manage their corporate teams. Race directors can easily input offline registrations/payments into the system. The ease-ofuse of the captain portal saves both the customer and the race director time before, during, and after the race. The features of the corporate teams option provides both parties with flexibility to manage all of their race concerns.

To set up corporate teams for your race, you can visit Race Dashboard >> Participants >> Corporate Teams.

“When we came to RunSignup, the Corporate Teams Tool made things so easy. Our corporate teams can set up their teams so they pay for some or all of their team registrations and can even specify if they want to only pay for employees but still have friends and family join their team.”

– Linda Maxwell, Bellin Health

Custom Email Confirmation

With several events over the course of race weekend, The Bellin Run creates custom confirmation emails for each race. By creating a custom email, you can ensure that participants know important race details prior to the event, and which ones apply to their race. With some races taking place on different days throughout the weekend, it can get confusing to runners. When it comes to their kids run, The Bellin Run likes to send special instructions out prior to the event so participants don’t confuse it with the 10K that follows it.

To edit your email confirmation, go to Race Dashboard >> Race >> Notifications >> Event Specific Confirmation Email.

Key Takeaways

1. RunSignup’s RaceJoy application helps The Bellin Run and their spectators track runners in real-time no matter where there location on the course. nt customer service to their families.

2. Automated incomplete registration emails helps Bellin Health quickly remind participants to finish their registration so they can run on race day.

3. RunSignup’s corporate teams feature makes it easy for companies to cover employee registration and includes features to help race directors manage teams more effectively.

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