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With GiveSignup’s donation websites, any nonprofit can create a beautiful website for their nonprofit or donation campaign with a custom domain or subdomain, built-in security, mobile responsiveness, SEO optimization, and integrated donation confirmation information. Cover pages let nonprofits create websites that look as professional and unique as the missions they represent.

GiveSignup’s Donation Websites look professional yet are simple to manage and update. All websites have template options that can be branded with the colors, images, and logos of your nonprofit. We introduced the ability to bring a custom domain or subdomain to any GiveSignup donation website earlier this year. Cover pages take branding to the next level, with an easy point-and-click builder that allows a nonprofit to build a unique landing page for their nonprofit.

The key features of cover pages include:

  • Header images that can be static or on a rotating carousel
  • Action buttons that can drive traffic to common places on the Donation Website (such as Donate), or can link to custom actions and external URLs
  • Videos with an aesthetically pleasing cover image and a video activation button
  • Flexible layouts with infinite content sections and full or split-screen display options

Setup your Cover Page

You can begin setting up your Cover Page by navigating to Donation Website >> Web Page >> Cover Page in the Donation Website Dashboard.

When you first enable your cover page on the dashboard, it will not have any content. You can click the “+” buttons to add content to the Header or start adding multiple content sections:


The header can contain one or more images, as well as a header text, description and an action button.  

Setup is intuitive, especially with our new image cropping tool:

If you have additional content on your header image, such as text, you can choose to display the image without cropping. Please note that you will not be able to use title, description, buttons, or add multiple rotating header images when you use this setting.

The Button has multiple predefined actions, as well as the ability to add a generic URL. The actions include registration, donation, etc.

All the colors are matched from your donation website theme colors to match the rest of your site perfectly. You can adjust your theme colors by going to Donation Website >> Web Page >> Page Theme, and select a preset color scheme or create your own. The image can have overlay colors that will help your text and buttons pop on the cover page.

You can add multiple header images and these will appear as sliders, allowing you to have multiple images, headlines and buttons in your header.


You can add as many content sections as you want, and they can either be full width or half width (note in mobile responsive mode, the half width go to full width that are stacked elegantly).

Content is similar to the Header, with the ability to add a Title, Description, Buttons and background images.

Custom Actions

You can create multiple action buttons for common functions in GiveSignup, or links to your own custom actions.


Finally, you can add Video sections by simply putting in a YouTube link. We create a nice cover image and video activation button automatically based on data from YouTube.

You can view your cover page at any time by clicking View Website button on your event dashboard:

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