RaceJoy Mapping & Geo Cheers How-To

Timers offering RaceJoy can take advantage of these RaceJoy How-To short videos for setting up races in RaceJoy. The course map builder video is a great refresher for those who have gone through the RaceDay Timer Certification or are about to go through the training. The Geo Cheers is a more advanced option for setting up audio files to play as participants cross certain points along the course.

RaceJoy Map Building Basics

This video covers the basic steps for creating maps in RaceJoy and includes:

How to Create Geo Cheers

This video explains how to add audio files to play at existing markers or between mile markers along the course. These are an ideal way to add to the participant’s experience and can be sound files that encourage participants at certain difficult points on the course, race themed-based messages, key directional cues, or point out historic locations.

If you need assistance, please consult the How-To videos in the race map building page or send an email to info@runsignup.com.

Want to Become a RaceDay Certified Timer?

The next certification and advanced certification training is at RunSignup’s Winter Symposium, January 13-14 in Orlando, Florida.

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