RaceJoy UI Refresh in Progress

RaceJoy UI Refresh in Progress

RaceJoy, RunSignup’s mobile app for an interactive race day experience, is in the process of having its user interface updated. RaceJoy is widely used by RunSignup’s running and cycling events across the country and offers participants and spectators real-time updates and interaction for both on-site events and virtual race anywhere events. Recently, our RaceDay development team deployed some user interface updates and advancements and will continue to introduce improvements throughout this year.

RaceJoy is packed with functionality that offers capabilities for participants, specatators, and race organizers. Given the extensiveness of the app’s features, we are rolling out the UI changes in stages. The first areas to be updated focus on the participant and spectator race day experience and navigation in the app.

Race Home Page Re-Design:

Each event in RaceJoy receives a race landing page that can be branded with the event’s logo and banner ad like the RaceJoy Rocks demo event shown below. We’ve adjusted this to make it easier for users to access the most heavily used RaceJoy features such as tracking a participant in a map view, reviewing past progress alerts, viewing results, and sending cheers. You will see that we are also starting to transition RaceJoy’s branding along the way.

New Race Home Page

Participant Tracking:

RaceJoy’s Participant List has been redesigned where it clearly communicates if the person’s GPS tracking is activated, their current location, and ETA. In addition, we’ve added the capability to quickly access the cheer feature as well as the participant details. Note that events using RunSignup for registration and RaceJoy will have their participants’ data automatically shown in the app.

New Participant List Screens

The big new change is the Participant Detail page as shown below. Spectators are able to quickly see all the important information for participants they are tracking from one central page, including their current status, past splits, and current location on the course in a map view.

New Tracked Participant Detail Screen

Cheer Sending:

In addition, users will find the cheer feature has been overhauled with new navigation, categories, and cheers. RaceJoy cheer feature offers spectators the ability to send either custom text-to-cheers or fun pre-recorded audio clips to their tracked participants. These are sent instantly to participants in audio format so they do not need to look at their phone while completing an event. We’ve added new category icons so people can quickly search for a relevant topics like the use of a smiling heart to indicate love-focused messages.

Re-Designed Cheer Area

These user-focused improvements are in addition to the recent introduction of being able to export finish data. RunSignup recently hired another talented professional who will be dedicated to the user experience across RunSignup’s mobile systems, including RaceJoy. So, look for some great innovation to come!

More Information?

Race organizers can sign up to attend the RaceJoy live Webinar scheduled for Tuesday, March 29 at 12pm EST for an overview and ways to get the most out of RaceJoy’s features.

RaceJoy is exclusively available through RaceJoy Certified Timers. If you are interested in offering RaceJoy at your event(s), please contact your timer or search for a RaceJoy Certified Timer here. Those events using RunSignup for registration have the advantage of seamless data integration with RaceJoy and receive special discounted pricing on RaceJoy through its Certified Timers.

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