Going Virtual with RaceJoy!

Races offering a virtual race experience can deliver an interactive, socially safe race experience with RaceJoy. Below is a new RaceJoy quick overview video that covers the key features of RaceJoy for participants, spectators, and race organizers. From live participant track, cheer sending, automated user results, and so much more – Keep your race experience alive with RaceJoy!

Want to know more about RaceJoy? Read on!

RaceJoy Rocks Demo: For Race Organizers

RaceJoy Rocks a 5K virtual demo race and is designed to give race organizers first hand experience of RaceJoy while receiving an audio tour of RaceJoy’s features. People can redo their run/walk to try to improve their finish time. Make sure to:

  1. Register for RaceJoy Rocks (needed for auto submission of results)
  2. Download RaceJoy App to your phone
  3. Access RaceJoy Rocks to set up your phone
  4. Click Start My Race as you begin

Sponsor Opportunities in RaceJoy

There are many ways to showcase a sponsor in RaceJoy, including:

  • Progress alert recognition
  • Linkable banner ads
  • Logo placements and custom content in content pages (event info, schedule, FAQ, course map)
  • User social media posts
  • Geo-based, distance-based cheers (limit of 3 per course, commercials/ straight advertising not permitted)

The video above provides an overview of these sponsor opportunities and races can share this with prospective sponsors.

Custom Content in RaceJoy

Races can take advantage of the custom content areas in RaceJoy to increase the participant experience:

  • Event logo
  • Linkable banner ads
  • Event Info page
  • Schedule
  • FAQ
  • Course map customization (for defined courses)
  • Official race news alerts

These can be adjusted in the custom content tab under RaceJoy on the event’s RunSignup dashboard. Below is a how-to video on customizing the event logo and banner ads.

Audio Experience

Races can create a custom audio experience for their events by loading audio messages to play as participants complete distance points or locations on defined courses. These can be supportive, engaging messages for the race anywhere events to virtually engage with participants. The on-site events with defined course paths can also add contextual audio messages such as directional cues or pointing out interesting points along the course. Note that a limit of three sponsor messages per course is permitted and no commercials or straight advertising is allowed.

Race organizers can get with their timers on posting geo-based or distance-based cheers. The above video provides additional information.

Real-Time Communications Tools

Race organizers can send official race news communication announcements that are sent as in-app notifications to anyone who has entered their event in RaceJoy. These are multi-media friendly and can contain just text or added graphics, links, videos, and logos. Alerts can be scheduled to send at a future date or sent at any time. These should be selective and contain more important race news.

In addition, race organizers can send send text-to-speech messages that are delivered to participants’ phone from their RaceJoy Monitor Dashboard. Organizers can use this as their remote megaphone to message many or as a personal, direct line of communication to individuals. Organizers simply select who they want the message to go to, type in the message, and click send.

Monitor Dashboard

Organizers also have the ability to monitor those that are using RaceJoy with an at-a-glance map view of each event. The Race Anywhere events will show a more spanned out, global view of those actively on the course. In addition, this provides access to helpful data such as a progress board, milestone stats, individual stats, route replay, and off-course alerts. Access this from the RaceJoy section of your dashboard. Below is a how-to video on using the monitoring capabilities.

Increased Promotion = Increased Usage

The usage in RaceJoy is dependent upon how much race organizers communicate its availability and increases with increased promotion. Races can use the following promotional tools to help drive usage:

Promotion Toolkit: Includes graphics and sample content.

User How-To Piece: Post on social media and race website.

Email Upon Registration: Races using RunSignup for registration also have the advantage of automatic emails going out to registrants. These can be adjusted with sponsor logos and other key information under the Email Marketing, Automated Email section on the race’s dashboard.

Available Through RaceJoy Certified Timers

RaceJoy is a available through RaceJoy Certified Timers. Races using RunSignup for registration receive discounted pricing. Certified timers are trained in RaceJoy and will complete the backend setup, configuration, and virtual results for races. Check to see if your traditional timer is certified in RaceJoy here or contact your RunSignup account manager for a preferred RaceJoy Certified Timer referral.

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