RaceJoy: New Alternate Event Setup

For RaceJoy Certified Timers

RaceJoy has introduced a new method for Certified Timers to set up courses in RaceJoy to coincide with the automated registration integration now being applied in RaceJoy. The training video below covers how to complete the alternate event processing where timers are able to apply a single map upload to multiple registration course options (example: a 5K course map can be applied to multiple registration options like 5K corporate, 5K with shirt, and 5K no shirt). This new capability simplifies the setup steps for timers where previously individual maps would need to be loaded for each course option.

Participants will now find their profile and bib number in RaceJoy for courses they are registered to complete. To support this capability, each course will need to appear in the app. Therefore, timers will need to set up each course as a separate course option in the app even if they are using the same defined course map. By using the new alternate course processing feature, timers can then efficiently assign maps to the appropriate courses.

Check out the video below for how-to training and additional setup tips. Any questions? Send to info@racejoy.com.

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