WorldPay Transaction Processing is Down

Good news – it looks like WorldPay is processing transactions again as of 10:38 AM. Fortunately, only about 18 people were frustrated in their attempt to sign up for an event or make a donation. We will be contacting them directly in the next hour. We will update this blog as the status changes.

Our legacy payment processing vendor, WorldPay has been unavailable since 8:57AM on August 4. This means that our customers that have not transitioned to Adyen (fortunately about 95% of customers have migrated already) yet can not process transactions or have people sign up for their events. WorldPay is working on this, and is aware of the problem.

As of 10:34 only 18 participants (out of 2,386 transactions so far today) have gotten failed transactions, and we are assembling a list so we can tell those individuals to try again when WorldPay comes back online.

We suggest that if you have not yet migrated to Adyen, then now would be a good time to begin that transition. You can do this from the race or event dashboard or wizard. You will see this message on the top of your dashboard if you have not upgraded:

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