Google and Facebook Custom Audience Support in CRM

We have added two powerful export options for the CRM system. Remember that the RunSignup and GiveSignup CRM is an integrated way to create custom, real time filtered lists across participants, donors, fundraisers, and club members based on a wide variety of filter options like loyalty, location, even source of registration.

Those lists can now be exported to create Facebook Custom Audience or a Google Custom Audience. This allows you to target ads at certain demographic segments in data that you have to find “look alike” cohorts.

Google calls their system Customer Match – “Customer Match lets you use your online and offline data to reach and re-engage with your customers.” This can be very powerful since the new CRM capability to keep track of the source of each registration with our integrated RaceInsights. You can create a CRM list that includes the people who signed up via a Google search, and target those people with ads the following year.

Google is often forgotten by many races. It is the leading course of registrations – most people will “Google” your race name and be directed to your race. Google can also be used to advertise your race when people are looking for other races as well. Let’s say you have a nice 10K that is a good warm-up for the big Marathon in your area – take out a Google Ad with a keyword of the marathon to reach new participants. The Custom Audience will also take advantage of the Google Customer Match and they will target the ad to people that are similar.

Similarly, Facebook Custom Audience can help refine and target your ads, improving the Return on Ad Spend.

We encourage you to attend the “Lessons from E-Commerce” that Tom Novellino will be presenting at our Winter Symposium to learn more about these topics.

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