Don’t be Evil

James Yang - NYTimes 4/21/12

There was an article in the New York Times about how technology companies are over anxious to collect and “monetize” user information. While they talk in public about how they “do no evil” or fall on their sword when there is a public outcry, they all have business models (and legal contracts their users click thru) that allow them to analyze and profit from user information.

RunSignUp is different.  We have baked privacy of runners who register for races right into our contracts.  We will not share your contact information with anyone.  We will not sell mailing lists.  We will not advertise.  We also make our race directors agree to similar terms – they can send runners emails for the purpose of their races but can not sell that information.

The big guys in the online race registration system do not have this type of approach.  They clutter your races with advertising, sell your runner’s contact information to other races, and spam your runners.  They have investors who demand higher returns on their investment and more profit out of each transaction.  RunSignUp is being run on a different model.  While we aim for profitability, we do so in modest ways, staying focused on our market and offering many free services for Race Directors, Timers and runners.

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