RaceJoy Sponsor Video Now Available

Sponsor Recognition Opportunities in RaceJoy


Race organizers can easily share all the value sponsors receive when they sponsor RaceJoy’s tracking and cheer sending with RaceJoy’s new sponsor video. Many events have sponsors wanting more value for their dollars or events may want to offer RaceJoy’s live tracking and cheer sending, but may not have the funds to cover. Sponsors have many options where to invest their money, and sponsoring RaceJoy is an easy decision because of all the creative ways it provides exposure for the sponsor. The social nature of RaceJoy translates to increased sponsor exposure with a highly engaged and broader audience.

Through RaceJoy, sponsors have the opportunity to reach a captivated audience that encompasses participants and spectators both on site and in remote locations throughout the country and the world.


The key areas a sponsor can be recognized include:

  • Banner advertising
  • Custom content sections
  • With each progress alert that is issued
  • Participants’ social media posts
  • Course map markers
  • Geo Cheer Points

The most powerful sponsor opportunity in RaceJoy is being recognized with each progress alert that goes out as participants cross milestones along the course. This offers unprecedented exposure for sponsors of running and cycling events.


This gives tremendous exposure for a select sponsor that reaches the participant while they are running and spectators who are tracking them will receive an on-screen alert like the one shown above. Plus, participants can post their progress to their Facebook and Twitter walls broadening the sponsor’s reach to participants’ social networks.

The most creative sponsor opportunity is RaceJoy’s Geo Cheer Points. This feature is where races and their sponsors schedule audio files to play as participants reach certain points along the course (music clips with text-to-speech message, custom recorded file, etc).


For example, if the sponsor is Reddy Ice, the Cheer Point that could be played as they pass the sponsored water station could sound like this:

RaceJoy offers an innovative platform for sponsors using the device participants and spectators naturally carry – their smart phone. Sponsors receive additional exposure when the race promotes runner tracking and cheer sending are being provided by a particular sponsor in their race related materials, website, and social media.

To watch the overview and learn about the many ways a sponsor can be recognized, click here.


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