Ultra Relay Runners Use RaceJoy’s Live GPS Tracking

Starting on Friday, May 1 and running through Saturday, May 2, we had participants in the American Odyssey Ultra Relay race use RaceJoy’s live GPS tracking. This is a 200-mile, 36-hour relay race that travels from Gettysburg to Washington, DC. The race offers an “Odyssey” travel through history and defines Odyssey as: “…a long series of […]

RaceJoy Bug on Apple

UPDATE: This one was a little tough, but we were able to re-create the precise use case that caused RaceJoy to terminate at MILE-1 for Version 3.0.7.  The conditions required were: 1.       Apple iOS 8.1 or Higher 2.       Phone had to be in Locked Mode a.       application in background or foreground is not an issue.. but […]

Coupons for Corporate Team Teams

Yes, that title was intentional. RunSignUp has extensive support for Corporate Teams. This is where a company is typically providing some sort of support for employees, like helping to pay for entry fees, or providing discounted fees to members of Corporate Teams (perhaps because the company helped with sponsorship of the race). Since the company […]