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Corporate RaceToday we are releasing our solution for Corporate Team Race/Walks.  We have had the benefit of several large Run/Walks giving us guidance on their requirements.  We will thank those folks publicly when they go live with their races (but we have to release the software before they can put their races live).

Corporate Team Races are those events where organizations will help promote and fund their employees and families to participate.  Many times these events are done around Wellness or Health campaigns.  These races are typically much different than a normal race where runners sign up on their own.  In these races, some organizations may want to join at a sponsor level and receive X number of free entries, some will want to pay for 10 or 25 or 500 employees.  Some will want to pay for employees and their families.  Some races will accept checks or provide invoices to the teams either before or after.

In short, organizing all of this is complex.  And the Online registration systems like simply do not do a very good job of it.  We talked with at least one race director who does it all by hand with trading Excel spreadsheets back and forth for a 2,000 person race.

Here is a short set of slides that gives an overview of what RunSignUp provides:

Here are a set of videos demonstrating common ways of using the system.  We will come out with better videos in the neat future.

Race Director – How to Set Up Corporate Teams

Race Director – How to View Teams, Generate Invoices and Receive Payments

Team Captain – How to Create a Team and then register people

Importing Participants Manually

Reserved and Late Entries

Team Captains – Adding Custom Questions just for your team

Race Director – Miscellaneous Charges and Discounts

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