Corporate Teams, Competitive Teams and Fundraising Teams


RunSignUp supports three types of teams for races:

  • Fundraising Teams
  • Competitive Teams
  • Corporate Teams

Fundraising TeamFundraising Teams is the ability for a group of people to join together as a team for the purpose of raising money for a charity run.  In RunSignUp, race directors can enable this capability so that anyone can create and join a fundraising team.

Competitive TeamCompetitive Teams are categories that a race director has set up for awards or competition.  For example, you might set up a competition that allows teams of 5-10 people form that takes the lowest three times, adds them together and awards prizes.  RunSignUp allows you to define these teams within age groups or by Male, Female or Co-ed.  We have seen races use this for age grouped relays, for corporate competitions, etc.  Runners can create teams and join teams and self-manage them.

Corporate Team RaceCorporate Teams Races are typically large events that have the ability for companies and other organizations to pay for their employees.  Examples like the Verizon Wireless Corporate Classic or the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk have hundreds of teams and thousands of participants.  These races can also enable Competitive Teams and Fundraising Teams.  Hence, Verizon could have a dozen competitive teams and/or fundraising teams.

RunSignUp allows any mix of these.  So a Corporate Challenge race could have competitive teams as well as fundraising teams.  And of course Race Directors can select just the right set of options the meet the needs of their race!

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