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Dynamic Bib AssignmentIn our last blog, we talked about Bib Assignment – giving each person a bib number.  This blog discusses the options available for handing out bibs to your runners.

There are three basic options for bibs – pre-printed, printing labels, and dynamic bib assignment.  We discuss each of these in the slides and video below.

RunSignUp has a utility for creating Bib Labels – auto formatting them to fit Avery 5160 labels.

RunSignUp also has an easy way to do dynamic bib assignment.  This allows volunteers to check in runners and assign them bibs right there.  This enables races to distribute bibs before the race in running stores, at an Expo, to running clubs and during race day.

Here is a slide overview:

Here is a video of using the kiosk and bar code reader for bib handout:

Here is a video overview and demo:

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