Online Race Day Registration

Race Day RegistrationEnabling online race day registration can improve the operation of your race, and make things better and easier for your runners.  This is a complete overview of the process with pointers to more specific resources on each topic.

On the right you will see the major steps to enable Race Day Registration.  Here are the links to the specific areas of drill-down:

In addition, we think this should all be done in an open environment.  This means that races using other pre-registration systems could use RunSignUp only on race day – importing their existing runners for free.  It means that bib assignment can be done outside of RunSignUp.  It means that any scoring software can be integrated deeply or trade CSV files.  It means that results can be posted to any results display – whether traditional courier font webpages or cutting edge systems like Xacte and Athlinks.  And of course never any lock-in with RunSignUp, and no spam or advertising.

Here is an overview slide deck of the entire process:

Here is a quick video on how to turn on race day registration, as well as access the kiosk mode and bib handout pages.

Video on Race Day Bib Handout:

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