Kiosk 2.0

KioskWe have updated the Kiosk to be easier to use and more powerful. We are seeing Kiosks used with increased frequencies for race day registration, and in running stores or expos. We have seen almost every different type of device in use for these – PC’s, Netbooks, Ultrabooks, Macs, iPad’s, Samsung Galaxy, even BlackBerry Tablets!

The new features include:

  • Ability to set Custom Questions to be asked during Kiosk check-in
  • Option to collect age instead of date of birth – this helps speed race day registration
  • Auto-capitalize the first letter in the fields, so “bob” automatically becomes “Bob”
  • Eliminated the Address field.  This allowed us to have a single line on each page.
  • If only a single event race, then no need to select Event.
  • Quick completion if the amount due is $0.
  • General clean up and usability.

This is part of our larger RunSignUp Go initiative to make Race Day Easier.

2 thoughts on “Kiosk 2.0

  • Will you be going over this type of information at the Chicago Race Director Training? Be great to see a simulated race using kiosk registrations all the way to results distribution via RF systems through RD software.

    John Ploeg
    On The Move Race Managment

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