Reserved Entries

Reserved EntriesOr, How to let people into your race even if it is closed???

We now offer you two basic ways to let runners into your race even if it has closed or reached its cap.

First, with a Reserved Individual Spot.  Simply put in the person’s name and email and we will send them an email invitation with a special link that will allow them to register.  You have the option to set X number of spots that they can use for that registration.  You can also set a date expiration on it as well

The second way allows you to handle multiple people in a private way.  We generate a special URL that you can give to people who want access.  For example, you may want to give one of your sponsors the ability to register extra people late.  They could put this web link onto their internal network and share it.

We give you the ability to track and see who has used the reserved entries, as well as the ability to shut them down in case the special URL spreads too fast.

We opted for the URL approach as passwords are a bit easier to pass around and URL’s allow for direct links from secure places like an internal network.

Reserved Entry Report

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