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MigrationWe have had a number of races move to RunSignUp from other systems. To ease the move, we provide a way of importing past runners. This allows you to do year over year comparisons. It also allows you to move races in the middle of registration – so some runners were entered in another system and some in RunSignUp (this is also useful for having two registration systems open at the same time).

Year over year Race Registration ComparisonOf course there are many small issues that you need to worry about when you do this. We recently announced some improvements in claiming accounts (people who registered in another system can claim their account so they can make changes).

Today we are releasing another refinement. For an imported runner who claims their account they can now manage their registration. If your race allows event transfer runners can now do this and keep all of their existing giveaway options and add-ons (as long as they are available in both events). For example, I initially signed up for the 10K on another registration system.  I can claim my account on RunSignUp and then switch to the 5K. When I do that, my Spaghetti Dinner Add-On stays with my registration. I can also get credit for that Add-On to trade it for the Race Jacket and get the $10 I paid for the dinner off the price of the jacket.

For Multi-City Race Series, this is also convenient. Participants can be easily transferred from one city to another by the race director and carry over all of their information.

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