Changing Events and Add-Ons for Imported Participants

We have a number of races who have moved to RunSignUp from another vendor while registration is open. This typically means they import those registrations into RunSignUp and use the RunSignUp Participant Management capabilities so participants can do self-management.

In Add-On and Event management, you can now turn on the ability for participants to get credit for their previous events and add-ons if there was an Offline Payment entered during import.

For example, here is the original Add-On order:


With Participant Management turned on, the runner can claim their registration and then go into their profile to manage their registration and add-ons. In this example, they the quantity of Add-On 1 and add an Extra Large.


In the checkout page, they can see they get credit for their previous purchases and are only charged for the new items:


Note that we only credit you for the add-ons and options you keep. This means if your change a size of an option you would be removing a Small and replacing with a Medium, we do not automatically calculate credit for the Small. Of course the race director has the ability to make this change on the back end manually, and this limitation applies to imported add-ons – so the use case is fairly small.

Of course, if you intend to do this at scale, make sure to do some import testing to make sure you are entering the information and offline payments correctly. And welcome to RunSignUp!

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