Accessibility Commitment

We strive for having an accessible end user experience. Being inclusive is an important part of product ownership. As an example, in a recent case study for a large potential client, we scored “all green” for their race website and registration process using the Google Accessibility Tool. We are achieving greater and greater levels of […]

Our accessibility journey, and how we met Tony.

Over the past three years (and before) we have made gradual advances toward being more accessible for differently-abled users, adding small code updates to better accommodate assistive technologies, putting some thought into contrast, and making sure our form fields have labels. These little things add up, and we thought we were doing well. Then, we […]

User Experience Guiding Principles

We always share our User Experience Guiding Principles at the RunSignup Symposium every year, when we do our annual User Experience presentation. It occurred to us that we’ve never blogged them, so here it goes… Many user experience teams have a wonderful manifesto, featuring illustrations, and examples, even videos. Their principles are sometimes baked into […]

Building a Design System from scratch

The UX team at RunSignup has been building out a design system for the past year. It will help us save time, and build more consistent products. Here’s what we’ve been up to: Design System? Huh? For the non-UXers out there, a design system is a collection of reusable components and guidelines that help ensure consistency and […]

CRM – Import Participants Update

Your RunSignup CRM is the place to keep ALL of your participant information. Importing participants is important to every race – whether you still get paper entries still, or have some last minute registrations, or you are moving to RunSignup from another platform (thank you!). We’ve updated our longtime Import Participants tool! Here is the […]

Spring Cleaning Part 2: Club Dashboard!

Hi All, We’ve done some more spring cleaning, and applied our new dashboard style to the Club Dashboard: Everything is where you would usually find it, just with a fresh, modern style update. We’re going to be making some small updates to this new dashboard style over the next few weeks. Over the next few […]

Spring Cleaning! Race Dashboard Update

Hi All! As a Spring Cleaning exercise, we’ve updated our Race Dashboard with a clean, modern visual update: Everything in the left navigation is the same as before, it just has an updated style. Likewise, everything in the Race Title Tile is still there, just moved around a bit. We will be making minor adjustments […]

New Feature: the Race Status Indicator

Hi All, We just released a new feature, the Race Status Indicator. Here are some screenshots, and an explanation. The Race Status Indicator will display like an ‘LED light’ next to the Race Title. The Race Status Indicator can be red (requires action), yellow (warning), or green (good) – depending on what’s going on with […]