Simplified Menu System

After 10+ years of development, the RunSignup platform has a lot of features that we are proud of. Of course, not everyone uses all the features, but each feature needs a place to live, so that our users can navigate to it, and use it if they choose to.

The sheer amount of features we have leaves us with some long menus in some places:

Some are even longer than this!

For long time users, or power users, this menu might not look too bad. However, users who are new, or have a very simple setup don’t need the majority of these items.

We’ve decided to update our menus, so that they display fewer options. We did a priority sort on all the menu items, and have established new primary and secondary groups within each menu and sub menu.

The new menu system will show a primary group of items:

To see the secondary menu items, click the Show More button at the bottom:

All of the menu items are there, we just put some away to reduce the initial cognitive load of the menu.

If you prefer the longer menus, it’s easy to get them back. Just go to your dashboard settings:

Where you can turn the Simplified Menu on and off using this setting:

We think this will make the Race Dashboard more approachable for many of our users, while still offering a way back for users who are accustomed to the long menus.

As always, let us know what you think!

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