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GiveSignup Fall Cram Sessions

The GiveSignup team hosted three sessions during RunSignup | GiveSignup’s fall cram session on August 25th. The sessions focused on ways nonprofits can raise money and engage supporters this fall: Peer to Peer Fundraising Options on RunSignup | GiveSignup; Giving Tuesday Campaigns; and Nonprofit Virtual Case Studies. All session recordings, slides, and knowledge hubs are available.

PayPal Donate Buttons vs. GiveSignup Donation Forms

GiveSignup Donation Forms provide nonprofits a great upgrade path from old PayPal donate buttons. There are a number of advantages to upgrading:

  • Feature your Nonprofit’s branding, not PayPal’s branding
  • Encourage donation levels
  • Give donors flexible choices of one-time or recurring gifts
  • Enable tribute information collection
  • Use your URL / Domain (for free!)
  • Donation use designation option
  • Free Upgrade to full Donation Website or Fundraising Campaigns integrated with Facebook Fundraising
  • Lower Cost

Giving Tuesday Campaigns

Giving Tuesday is only three months away! From donation forms to donation websites to fundraising campaigns, GiveSignup is here to help your nonprofit raise money, save time, and save money this year with free and flexible options for your Giving Tuesday campaign. Visit our knowledge hub and schedule a call with one of our Nonprofit Fundraising Experts to figure out your Giving Tuesday strategy.

Virtual Challenge Hub

Visit the Virtual Challenge Hub for ideas & guides to create a unique virtual fundraising campaign.  Learn more.

Peer to Peer Fundraising

There are many ways your nonprofit can do peer to peer fundraising. Visit our hub to understand which tools are best for how your nonprofit wants to raise money. Learn more.

Virtual Event Fundraising Tips

Checkout these tips for your next virtual fundraising event. Learn more.

Eventbrite Q2 Earnings

As a public company with a business model very similar to ours, we find interesting insights from Eventbrite’s earnings report. Learn more.

Fundraiser Milestone Confetti

GiveSignup Fundraising

There is more gamification to engage and celebrate your fundraisers when they hit fundraising milestones with the release of Fundraiser Milestone Confetti.

Donation Website Social Sharing

GiveSignup Donations

Reach new donors with custom social sharing images and text. Customize for each standalone fundraising campaign!

Reorder Fundraising Campaigns

GiveSignup Fundraising

You can rearrange the order of fundraising campaigns on your donation website with the easy drag & drop handle.

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