RaceDay Scoring v3.2.19 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added an option in the Segment Setup to Hide a Segment from Report Columns.

This will make it so that any Segments that have this setting enabled will not be included in any of the “Splits” type columns that include all Segments. In addition, these Segments will not be pushed to RunSignup Results. This is useful if you need to create a Segment for an announcer that you don’t want to include in reports, or if you have other Segments that you use for checkpoints that you don’t want to show in results. This is also useful for any Rest Segments that you have that you may not want to include in results.

You can always add individual Segment fields for Segments even if they are hidden from the “Splits” columns.

Added an option when setting up Custom Computed Fields to automatically create a “display” version of a calculated time.

Now you don’t have to manually create a new field based on the one you just made that just has a “ms2time” transformation applied in order to display a custom computed field in a standard time format.

Made minor adjustment to Team Type selection dialog to better accommodate long Team Type Names.

Added the ability to manually mark Data Issues as Resolved.

Bugs Fixed

Updated Race list with better paging, and will automatically switch to page one if updating filters.

Fixed an issue with Segment specific adjustments that would cause an adjustment to one Segment to apply to others.

Fixed an issue that would show a warning for reports including more than one section when it should not.

Fixed an issue causing Data Issues to not resolve when the thing that caused them had been fixed.

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