RaceDay Scoring v3.3.4 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added the ability to save Data Check Reports.

You can now create and save Data Check Reports to reference later. These reports will stick around when exporting/importing a Race.

Added more options for filtering the Race List.

Prior to this change you could only update the filter to not show passed Races. Now you can show all, just those in the future, just those that have passed, or just those within X number of days.

These settings persist when you exit the app now, so you can keep the same filtering applied whenever you start the app up.

Added PC Timer/Mobile Timing App File Stream

This is a new File Stream format that you can use to import backup timing files created by PC Timer or the Mobile Timing App.

Added the ability to type TAB into the field delimiter area when setting up a custom File Stream.

Added the ability to accept Pre-Gun Chip Start Times for a specific Participant.

Prior to this update, you could only set this on the Scored Event level. Now if you had someone with an early chip start time that you want to use (normally these would be ignored if they happened before the start time of day), then you can go to their participant record and change this setting so that the system will take their early chip start time into consideration.

Added Scored Event Name to Entire Race Segment Labels.

This will help in identifying which entire race segment you are using when adding to reports or setting up custom computed fields. Now they will show as “5k Entire Race Segment”, for instance. This will be applied after saving Scored Events after getting the update.

Updated Participant Quick Mode Entry to allow including Custom Questions.

Prior to this update, you could not include RunSignup Questions when limiting what fields are displayed when using Quick Mode.

Updated duration inputs for Gap Factor and Time Custom Question Responses to make it easier to enter the correct format.

We now show the colons and decimal so that you will no longer mistake hours for minutes, for example.

Added Age Group Shortcut Links at the top of the Age Group Report.

Now you can easily navigate to a specific age band or top finisher category when viewing the Age Group Report. This is applied to both HTML exports and the Report view in the app.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue causing Auto-Save “Plus” buttons to be displayed to the side of the icon instead of beneath.

Fixed a bug causing chip codes to not be saved if you are adding a participant and include the chip code as you are adding them.

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