RaceDay Mobile Timing Improvements in v1.0.7!

App Flow Updates

Added “Backup Timer” App Flow, and helper text for how each App Flow should be used (tap the “i” next to “Select an App Flow).

Score & Publish Results

Participant Data will sync down from RunSignup, and all of your results will be uploaded to RunSignup. Any existing results at RunSignup for the Event that you are scoring will be deleted, so this flow should only be used if you plan on using RaceDay Mobile Timing as your sole scoring method.

Backup Timer

Participant data will sync down from RunSignup, but none of your results will be uploaded to RunSignup. This allows you to get the bib data from RunSignup without overwriting existing results at RunSignup. This is useful if you are utilizing RaceDay Mobile Timing as a backup solution, and plan on using the export function to import the timing data into your main scoring system.

Score Offline

No participant data will sync down from RunSignup, and none of your results will be uploaded to RunSignup. However, you can score an Offline Event without an internet connection. Data can be exported or assigned to a RunSignup Event later by using one of the other App Flows.

Start Time Editing Support

We have added the ability to edit a start time if you have started the Race but have not yet entered any times.

If you have already entered times and need to edit the start time, you would have to clear out all times that have been entered and then change the start.

Other Features

  • Added Version Number to Home Page.
  • Added Race Name to Support Request Email Subject.
  • Fixed styling issues.
  • Fixed an issue when trying to associate an offline event’s results with an online event.
  • Fixed an issue causing Chute Mode bibs to not get pushed to RunSignup.
  • Various under the hood improvements and fixes.

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Tuesday, September 27th at 12pm EST

This live webinar is an introduction to RunSignup’s new Mobile Timing App, offering a Time Machine replacement. The free app is available for timers and ideal for events with lower registration counts that may not be able to afford timing equipment and the associated timing service costs. Download the app from the app store and start exploring today!

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