GiveSignup Webinar: How to Set Up a Ticket Event

Did you miss the webinar on how to create a ticket event on GiveSignup, or do you want a review? Here is a summary, the recording, and some additional resources from today’s webinar on how to create a ticket event.


Creating your Ticket Event: the Ticket Wizard

You can create a new ticket event by going to This link takes you into the Ticket Event Wizard. 

Wizard Step 1 (Basic Info): Enter your event name, description, contact information, links, location information, event visibility, and create your event URL identifier. For a detailed breakdown of this step, check out our support article here

Wizard Step 2 (Ticket Groups): Set up ticket groups and ticket levels. To learn more, read this article on ticket groups and levels. 

Wizard Step 3 (Purchase): Set up pricing and purchase periods, personal information collection and/or per-ticket information collection, ticket level caps, and waiver settings. You can read detailed instructions for each of these here.

Wizard Step 4 (Payment): Choose how the processing fee is paid, select a payment account, customize the Vantiv dynamic descriptor. Read more here.

Wizard Step 5 (Finish): Select one of the following: Customize Now or View Event Website. 

Customize Your Event 

Under Event >>Event Page >>Event Theme, you should…

Under Event >> Event Page >> Domains, you can add your custom domain or subdomain if you have one.

Event>>Purchase Settings allows you to add caps across ticket groups and customize the way tickets are displayed on your homepage.

Under the Secure Access tab, you can add event directors. The Notifications tab allows you to view and customize notifications. Under Promotions>>Social Sharing, you can add images that will appear on social media if registrants share your event after buying tickets.

Setting Up Store Items

 We have an all-new store for ticket events. Under the Store tab, you can set up your first store item. After you’ve filled out all the basic information for that item, you will be able to add an image and description, quantities, and variant pricing. This article contains detailed instructions for setting up the Store. 

Enabling Donations

Many nonprofits want to collect donations as part of their events. Under the Donations tab, you can enable donations. Add your payment account, choose whether you’d like to allow recurring donations, add messaging and a logo or image. Then go through our advanced options to add tax information, attributions, and indicate what personal information you would like to collect from donors. You can read about donations in detail here.

Best Practices

These are some best practices for setting up ticket events. Of course, every event is different and many need unique solutions, but these tips can help with configuring your event for the first time.

  • Create your ticket groups as different parts of the event (such as dates or activities).
  • Create your ticket levels as the layer below that, for options such as times or different pricing setups like adult/child.  
  • There is no “giveaway” feature on GiveSignup, because you are able to use our flexible store setup options to create a $0 item that is required. (You can even make it required for some ticket levels or groups and not others). 
  • When turning on donations, make sure you go through the Advanced Options to fully customize your donation page. 
  • Use the quick-buy option (found on step 3 of the wizard) only if you have a relatively small number of ticket groups and levels. If you have a large amount of clickable options, it can be overwhelming for the user.

Learn More

You can read more about ticket events and keep up with new developments on the GiveSignup blog at
If you have specific questions about your ticket event, check out our support section or email

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