RunningUSA Discussion Topics

A group of us (Johanna, Eric, Jordan, Flynn, Crisp, and Bob) will be at RunningUSA starting on Sunday. To try to make it a bit more productive and tangible, we have decided to organize our time in discussion topics. Stop by our booth or hunt us down either during the scheduled times or other times.


  • 11 – Sales Tax
  • 1 – RaceDay Technology – Registration, Expo, Check-In, Corrals, Bib Assignment, Photos, Video, Results, Result Notifications and of course GPS Tracking and spectator engagement
  • 2 – RaceDay Scoring 2.0
  • 3 – Viral Social Marketing


  • 11 – Marketing with your CRM
  • 1:30 – All-in-one Fundraising – what comes after Crowdrise
  • 3 – RaceDay Technology & RaceDay Scoring – Repeat

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas!

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