$1 Billion

RunSignup turned 10 years old in January 2020. On February 14, 2020 our platform will have processed over $1 Billion for our customers – our community’s little unicorn. This represents over 24 Million registrations and almost $100 Million in Donations.

We must admit that we are amazed and proud. When Bob and Stephen first started working on building the initial version of RunSignup, we had no idea that what we started would grow to include so many other great employees and customers. Our first year we only processed $253,000 and had less than $15 Million in transactions in our first 4 years.

The basis of this success is several-fold:

  • Our total focus on building the best technology platform for our endurance and nonprofit customers
  • Our commitment to help serve customers well and efficiently
  • Customer ideas, needs and viral recommendations

This is illustrated by one of our Guiding Principle and the efficiency of the continuous feedback loops of our Employee Owned company:

One of the other things to note is the utility of that $1 Billion. The vast majority of that money supports amazing endurance events and nonprofits that benefit communities and people across the country.

We have learned so much scaling our company to meet the needs of our customers. This learning accumulates over time and allows us to prepare effectively for future growth. Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon AWS, recently talked about how they view this – “There’s no compression algorithm for experience,” which means that a company can’t learn certain lessons “until you get to different levels of the curve and scale.” He says AWS was able to learn those lessons at an earlier stage, and so has RunSignup.

We thank all of our customers for giving us a purpose that drives us forward every day. Given your continued support, we expect it will take less than 3 years to hit the $2 Billion mark.

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