2020 Winter Symposium: Multi-Race Bundles, Tools for Efficiency, Volunteer Platform and Virtual Races

Our 2020 Winter Symposium is over, but there’s still time to catch up. You can view the slides from presentations anytime, and now the video recordings of our sessions are starting to pop up. Next up:

Multi-Race Bundles

With Eric Cone

Regardless of the quality of your event, many participants will seek out new adventures – in 2019, only 18% of participants returned to run a race they had run the year before. Multi-race bundles allow races to combine supporter bases to encourage registration across events. Bundles can be made up of events owned by a single organization, or through cooperation with other events. RunSignup VP of Business Development Eric Cone delves into the logistics of multi-race bundles – and
how they can benefit your race(s).

Race Director Business Session: Tools for Efficiency

Panel Discussion

As proud as we are of RunSignup technology, we know that a successful business cannot operate on RunSignup alone. For this year’s business session, race directors and nonprofits gathered for a frank discussion of the tools and services that they rely on for an efficient operation. This covers email management platforms, project management tools, inventory trackers, scheduling software, graphic design aids, and more.

Volunteer Platform

With Whitney Taylor

Volunteers can be the engine that runs your race day…and also your organizational nightmare. RunSignup Account Manager Whitney Taylor walks through the setup and signup of volunteers on the RunSignup Volunteer Platform and covers the reports and communication
tools you need for a seamless RaceDay.

Virtual Races

With Natallie Young

Virtual Races are a hot topic. They can be big moneymakers, but they also have their own specific challenges. Lead Account Manager Natallie Young details some of the unique needs and considerations of virtual races.
She covers the various circumstances for offering a virtual race, the settings you’ll want to enable for accurate shipping, and the process for recording results. Beyond that, she’ll answer the big question: how do you get runners
interested in registering for an event when there is no actual event?

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