Central Kentucky Race Management: A GiveSignup Case Study

Creating community and raising more

About Central Kentucky Race Management

Central Kentucky Race Management, originally called Central Kentucky Timing Services, was founded in 2017 by Jeff Proctor. The company has since expanded into race management and picked up two other co- partners, Damon Barnes and Greg Milby. With each founder experienced in different areas of race and event management, CKRM is able to offer a comprehensive approach to managing races. CKRM is unique in thesense that they only offer their services to races that are associated with a nonprofit. Since beginning to usethe RunSignup platform, Central Kentucky Race Management has seen their everyday race managementprocesses become much more efficient.

CKRM’s Commitment to Community-Building

The owners of Central Kentucky Race Management are each involved with nonprofits, both personally and professionally. Their passion for investing in their community and their commitment to giving back show when you scroll through the list of races on their RunSignup partner website. Each of Central Kentucky Race Management’s races are affiliated with a nonprofit; either the nonprofit directs the race or it receives donations as a charity partner of the race.

CKRM’s Greg Milby is on the board of two nonprofits, the Elizabethtown Police Foundation and the local Red Cross. Damon Barnes is the president of a nonprofit, and Jeff Proctor works with nonprofits regularly as he helps them set up their races. CKRM has become familiar with many of the small nonprofits in their area of Central Kentucky by bringingthem on as customers, helping them raise more by putting on a great 5K fundraiser.

According to Greg, this has helped connect local runners and nonprofits, contributing to community growth. This relationship between runners, nonprofits, and CKRM is beneficial for all involved– nonprofits raise more, runners get to contribute to a cause and participate in a race, and CKRM grows their business.

CKRM uses RunSignup’s donation features to help their nonprofit customers raise more. Each race website features a Donate button, and registrants also have the option to donate while they sign up for the race. Reporting is easy– CKRM can view aggregate donation data in their partner dashboard or pull race-specific donation reports.

Partners, Nonprofits, and GiveSignup

RunSignup’s partner program allows organizations like Central Kentucky Race Management that put on multiple races to share some of the revenue from those races.

When CKRM moves their nonprofit customers’ events over to GiveSignup, they will be able to collect their RunSignup partner revenue share on those ticket events and donations. GiveSignup requires a 501(c)3 payment account on all ticket events and donation websites, but partners (for-profit businesses like CKRM) can still gain revenue when they bring nonprofit customers to GiveSignup. This is another mutually beneficial situation–the nonprofits raise more and CKRM gets additional revenue.

Future Plans: Raising More with GiveSignup

At the 2019 RunSignup Summer Symposium, RunSignup announced the launch of GiveSignup, a new division of the company that offers a set of products just for nonprofits. CKRM was excited to hear that they could begin using GiveSignup for the ticket events of the nonprofits they work with. 

“As soon as I heard GiveSignup announced, I immediately sent a message to the United Way board and the Elizabethtown Police Foundation Board to make them aware that we now have an option to sell tickets to events that we had not had in the past,” said Greg Milby.

As soon as Damon Barnes heard about GiveSignup, he let others involved in his nonprofit know that “the days of spreadsheets of info and other costly services are done.” He is excited to use GiveSignup for the nonprofit’s ticket events, especially since each event will get its own free, fully customizable website. Another great feature of GiveSignup ticket events is integrated donations in the ticket purchase path and on the event website, giving donors the ability to make a standalone one-time or recurring donation instead of buying a ticket, or to donate while they buy tickets.

Some events that CKRM’s nonprofits have are selling individual tickets, some are selling tables, and some are selling both. GiveSignup ticket events have flexible group and level options that give nonprofits the ability to set up these tickets.

Key Takeaways

1. Central Kentucky Race Management only works with races that are associated with nonprofits, which means they get to focus on building community as they keep building their business. RunSignup makes it easy for them to manage their nonprofit customers’ donations and fundraising right through the partner and race dashboards.

2. The RunSignup partner program allows for-profit event management and timing companies like CKRM to gain revenue from nonprofit ticket events and donations.

3. Through the RunSignup partner dashboard, CKRM is able to view aggregate donation data, which helps them see the overall impact of the fundraising races they manage.

To read other customer case studies, you can visit the RunSignup website, or check out our YouTube channel.

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