Coronavirus Tools: Where are we Today?

It’s been a crazy few weeks since Bob first posted some suggestions for races that may be impacted by the Coronavirus. Now, with races across the country getting creative, we wanted to take a moment to collect all the updates in one place. Postponement Tool The Postponement Tool (which can be used for more than […]

Webinar Recording: Virtual Event Results, Update 1

With more and more races embracing Virtual Events, we’re working on improvements to our results options. The first update is here, and RaceDay Product Manager Matt Avery ran through the new elements that will make it easier for your Virtual Participants to report their times. New to virtual events and want to take a step […]

Chargeback Notification to Race Director

As the concern about industry impact from chargebacks increases, we have implemented a new notification to let races know when we receive a chargeback. We have written in depth about chargebacks, but for a quick refresher: A chargeback is where the credit card network allows a credit card holder to get their money back if […]

Quick Participant Videos

With the flood of races offering deferrals and transfers to virtual events, participants are also flooding our inbox (and yours, I’m sure) looking for guidance. Luckily, Andrew Sigwart both monitors the info@runsignup email inbox, and creates all our video content. We have a few short videos you can share with participants to help them out, […]