COVID-19 Stimulus Plan and Nonprofits

The $2 trillion COVID-19 Stimulus Plan was signed into law this afternoon. Among the many benefits, the emergency relief plan contains several measures that directly apply to nonprofits that we would like to highlight: The plan includes a temporary universal charitable deduction. The bill enables all Americans to give up to $300 to charities, tax-free, […]

Post Race Payment Policy Update

Note: On August 29, 2022 we announced the removal of the reserve requirement. Note: On Nov. 2, 2021 we announced new faster payment terms as the pandemic risks have subsided. We lowered the reserve to 2.5% and pay immediately after an event unless there are above normal chargeback risks. The Coronavirus is impacting us all. […]

Donations and Fundraising: COVID-19 Webinar Recap

Further your mission–but first, take care of your people This is and will continue to be an extremely difficult time for nonprofits. It’s time to go back to basics: engage your communities. People need connection more than ever. Focus on your employees, beneficiaries, and volunteers first, and keep any donations and fundraising messaging simple, actionable, […]