Community Roundup 4/13/20

We’re checking in regularly to see what the endurance community is doing to keep the industry running forward in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. For more ideas, view fundraising efforts, creative virtual events, virtual challenges, and creative use of the Postponement Tool.

Today’s creative events are a grab-bag of virtual options, including a scavenger hunt, a virtual race with a virtual party, and a race organizers Marie Kondo style event.

Utica Roadrunners Scavenger Hunt

For running clubs, the challenge is keeping members active engaged while all group runs and activities are cancelled. The Utica Roadrunners have a cool option: the Utica Roadrunners Scavenger Hunt.

What can you find on your run?

Throughout the month of April, the club shared a list of 75 scavenger hunt items on their Facebook event. The challenge is simple: go for a run (or walk), find the scavenger item, and share their finds on the Facebook event (or email them in). Prizes are awarded for a range of categories (finding the most items, finding the most unusual items, etc.). A few fun ones: a pink flamingo, something with the number 13 on it, a steamroller, and a lonely sock. You can check out the full list here.

Free (sort of).

The scavenger hunt is free to participate in. However, for participating runners with the means to do so, donations are encouraged – those donations will be donated back to the businesses that support the Utica Roadrunners. So far, each participating runner has donated an average of $11 to help their community. Only a few items require you to be local to Utica, and it’s not too late to sign up if you still want to join the fun!

Harpoon 5-Miler Goes Virtual

The 19-year-old Harpoon 5-Miler is a popular race that raises money for the Angel Fund for ALS Research, and usually sells out. Rather than give up – and let down their charity, they’re taking this year’s event virtual. To mimic the race day experience, they are limiting the event to a one-day virtual race; they are discouraging use of the official course or running with anyone else to ensure that safety guidelines are followed.

Two options

The virtual even broadens the pool of potential participants, and the race has options for both locals and those who want to join from their own state or town. The “6-Pack” Option is for non-locals, and includes a bib and virtual swag, whereas the “12-Pack” Option for locals who can pick up stays true to the spirit of the event with a 4-pack Harpoon beer, as well as a t-shirt and additional swag.

A Virtual Race, a Virtual Party

As a brewery, a big part of the draw for their event is the post-race beer and party. While Harpoon won’t be able to gather people for an on-site party, they’ve set up the event to encourage people to keep the party spirit from home. In addition to the included beer in the 12-Pack option, they provided some recommendations for finding one of their beers from anywhere in the country. Even more fun? Their usual DJ will be putting together a playlist for runners to enjoy, and they are working on a set of online costumes and programming to connect runners on race day.

Focus on the Cause.

The Harpoon 5-Miler is a fundraiser for the Angel Fund for ALS Research, and they’re just as committed to the cause this year. Even as a virtual race, they’re keeping their focus on the cause, with clear website sections dedicated to introducing the charity and personal features (The Captain & John Gullage) about why the charity is important. Just like any year, donations are encouraged, and runners are opting to become fundraisers (or create fundraising teams) – and it’s working, with 40% of participants opting to become a fundraiser.

Spring Cleaning Virtual Races

Yellow Jacket Racing is using their free time to both offer a virtual event and get rid of the clutter. Their Spring Clean Virtual Race repurposes old race supplies to create an inexpensive virtual racing option. Each runner signs up for their preferred distance (5K, 10K, or Half Marathon) for just $20 – and in return, they get an array of swag from previous Yellow Jacket Racing events. The swag bag includes:

  • Random Yellow Jacket Racing Medal
  • Random Yellow Jacket Racing Shirt
  • Random Yellow Jacket Racing Bib
  • Spring Clean Decal

All swag is mailed.

Connect with Local Runners

While not a formal part of the event, participants are encouraged to join the Facebook Group “WNY Running is not Cancelled” for a community connection to local runners.

Tell us what YOU’RE doing!

Doing something creative and fun to help your community? Let us know!

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