Challenge Dashboard Intermediate Edition

We are quickly adding features to our Virtual Challenge Event capability (for the growing list of challenge event capabilities see here). We will be doing a set of pretty major revamps of the dashboard pages for setting all of this up over the next week or two. But we thought it might be useful to talk about each part of the challenge setups on the dashboard.

This enables the basics of a challenge – when you will show the ability to enter virtual results to your participants. The second “Results Set” enables your challenge to show in your Results page and gives it a name. You will need to create a new one and name it. If you have multiple challenges, you will want to pick a good name for it:

You have a single entry for your activities. Participants will be able to update this to overwrite their data if you want. This is what you would do if you are just having a single event or virtual run that you want to report on. Or you could use single entry mode to have the participants do their own totalling.

Setting multiple activities is more typical for challenges though. It typically aligns with doing 1 or more activities per day over multiple days. For example, doing 10 minutes of planks per day, or walking 3 miles every other day.

Now we start to get into the fun part. This area will change over the coming weeks to include more options. For today, it allows participants to enter times, an activity or a combination.

We are seeing many challenges just doing distance right now. Right now we only support one entry for time, but that will be changing by next week.

You can set up the tally to be anything that is a count (participants enter a number). Here is an example for a Dog Run that is also allowing people to keep track of their cat naps:

The next dashboard setup is how to results should be sorted. Sorting from lowest to highest time makes sense for virtual race. However, for something like a Danceathon, or Meditation-thon, you might want to sort from the highest amount of time to the least. Distance sorting is from highest to lowest, but we will likely add a lowest to highest for things like golf strokes.

This provides for a way to set an overall goal that applies to everyone, or allows each person to set their own goal. If the tally activity is custom, it will not show “miles” as it shows in the above example. And you have the capability to turn on or off the goal progress bar. We are going to be adding a lot of capabilities to the goals area, with the ability to have milestones, budges, celebration confetti, and custom milestone certificates.

This allows you to set a range of valid time entries. If you are doing a virtual 5K, you might want to set the lower limit at 14 minutes for example and the upper at 2 hours so something to help prevent user entry errors.

We also give you the ability to not publicly display results until they have been approved by race director.

And finally (for now), we allow you to provide just activity with no times – perfect for cat nap logging…

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