WV Strong Summer Running Challenge

Update: Here are their Week 2 Numbers:

Some fun stats for Week #2 of the Challenge:
Total Number of Registered Participants = 1,044 (23 new participants)
Total Number of people who have submitted mileage = 936 (89.65%)
Total Number of people on pace to complete their challenge = 528 (50.57%)
Total mileage submitted = 42,964.0

Ricky Campbell of AP Timing sent out an email after the first week of his challenge event to his participants. Bob got the email since his family hails from West Virginia and asked Ricky if he could share it.

It has some interesting stats – (like 82% of participants logged miles) and they have gone over 20,000 miles cumulatively! We thought the email was very engaging – pointing to the Facebook Group as well as a video on how to submit miles.

We have so many customers putting on challenges for tens of thousands of participants – engaging them during these times, and establishing a new mode of interaction.

Also, Ricky just got some good news that he will have some real races starting up again in the near future. He had put this video together about how timers want to get back out there a month ago. Enjoy it…

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