Gender Options

November, 2021 – Update for better non-binary support.

We have added an option in user profiles ( to select Non-binary in addition to Male and Female:

This will show as a “null” from a database perspective, and be left as blank when looking at your profile:

Making a change to each race’s registration is done at the option of each race director. This means that all races that have the standard gender field as shown will still only allow Male and Female, and participants will be forced to pick one of those. However, if you select a gender for a race that forces a male/female choice and have already set your profile to non-binary, the profile remains the same and the definition is used only for that race.

For those races that want to offer options, please HIDE the Gender Field in the setup:

If your event still wants to collect gender, you can define your own options as a custom question. You can then show choices for any way your event would like. For example, using the gender-expansive Wikipedia options:

If you have a timer score your race, or have gender based awards, please make sure you have a plan in place with your timer to accommodate your setup.

This setup works for Races, Clubs and Volunteers now. In addition, in the coming weeks we will be eliminating gender as a standard option in GiveSignup Tickets.

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